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Published onOct 09, 2019

I am very grateful to my editor at the MIT Press, Gita Devi Manaktala, for her support of this book, her patience with its extended writing time, and her superb choice of reviewers. And I am grateful for the anonymous reviewers of this book for their work; their insights and labor greatly assisted me over several revisions. Without them, this book would have been much less. I’d like to acknowledge Michael Buckland, Maurizio Ferraris, Geoffrey Bowker, and Johanna Drucker for their many years of research works and for conversations with them, which have greatly contributed to this project. In Michael’s case, I’d like to also thank him for reading the manuscript in various stages, as well. I’d like to thank Neal Thomas for his insightful and learned works, which have helped me better understand “post-documentation” technologies. I’d like to thank Clovis Ricardo Montenegro De Lima and Marcia Heloisa Tavares de Figueredo Lima for hosting me in Rio de Janeiro during several visits, which led to my discussion of the right to truth in chapter 6. I’d like to thank my family, Jiangmei Wu and Dexter Wu-Corts, and my friend Claire McInerney, for their personal support during the writing of this book, Dr. Scott Breeden for his friendship and keeping me fit during its composition, and Reine Melvin for her friendship and support while I researched Suzanne Briet’s works in Paris. The writing of this book was supported by small grants from the Association for Information Science and Technology’s (ASIS&T) History and Foundations of Information Science special interest group and from the Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics at Indiana University at Bloomington, for which I am grateful. This work was (partially) funded by the Office of the Vice Provost of Research and the IU Libraries. I’d like to thank the series editors, of which this book is a part, Michael Buckland, Jonathan Furner, and Markus Krajewski, for all their work and consideration of this text in their series. I’d like to thank Judith M. Feldmann of the MIT Press and Michael Goldstein for their production work and copyediting of this book. I’d like to thank the librarians at Indiana University at Bloomington libraries for the absolutely wonderful library they maintain, without which I could not have researched this book. And last, I would like to thank the readers of this book for taking time out of their lives in order to consider what I have written.

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